Project Description

Gamers expect a detailed sonic environment, to match the stunning graphics found in a modern game. Though there are similarities with film sound, game audio and music is interactive – it changes according to events in the virtual world. Sound design and music arranging for games has its own unique set of challenges.

All the tools for this course are available for free – if you have access to a computer, headphones and a DAW, you already have everything you need to get started. There’s never been a better time to get involved in Game Audio.

Want to get deep into sound design? You may be interested in our Post Production Sound for Film, Game and TV Industry Diploma course.

  • Game engines and audio middleware – Wwise
  • The design of interactive audio
  • Integration of interactive audio in a computer game
  • Dynamic interactive audio mixing techniques

PRICE: Single Payment – £300

DATES & TIMES: Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm. Next start date: Saturday 25th April 2020

BASED IN: Mac Suites

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: No formal entry requirements

QUALIFICATION GAINED: SSR Short Course Certificate



having joined Sony immediately after completing a masters degree in Audio Production from the University of Westminster.

Based in London, Simon has designed and developed audio for a wide range of games and experiences, across several platforms. Most recently, Simon has been working on audio for PlayStation VR experiences, developing the audio for launch title PlayStation VR Worlds, Joshua Bell VR, and Blood & Truth.